Navigating decisions that prioritize the well-being of your children can be challenging, especially in the aftermath of a marriage or de facto relationship breakdown. 

Among the myriad issues that arise, determining the time children spend with each parent often is challenging. We assist parents in various aspects of their children’s care, encompassing residence, schooling, religious upbringing, medical responsibilities, communication, and protection from harm.

The Family Law Act 1975 places significant importance on ensuring children maintain solid and meaningful relationships with both parents. Recent amendments to the Act have prompted a shift in judicial approaches when parents cannot reach an agreement.

Making early and well-informed decisions regarding your proposed arrangements for the care of your children can be pivotal. It can be the difference between enduring years of conflict and fostering a positive, healthy environment for the growth and well-being of your children.

Whatever your family circumstances are, Patford-Smith Legal Services advises and prepares you in all areas of parent and child-related family law issues, sometimes referred to as Child Custody. We’ll help you agree on parenting arrangements and formalize these with a parenting plan or consent court orders (a written agreement approved by a Court).

Alternatively, we can lead you through Family Dispute Resolution (mediation) to facilitate a mutually agreed-upon resolution, eliminating the need for court intervention. Should agreements prove elusive, our seasoned litigators stand ready to champion your cause and that of your children in court. Our Parenting Coordination service also offers sustained assistance in implementing intricate court orders.

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